Friday, 7 May 2010

What bothers you most after a night out in London?

Having a night-out in Central London? If you're an outer Londoner, are you fed up of worrying how you get home when the trains stop running, or do you make a mad dash for the last one? Or maybe you're a Londoner having a night-out on the outskirts thinking the same thing...

TRAVEL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST OUTER LONDON ENDS HERE: From dance-floor straight to your door, Slingshot boldly goes where no night-bus has gone before - getting you home Safely, Comfortably, Conveniently and Affordably!

Slingshot starts running at night after the tubes and trains shut, and keeps on going until they start running again. It is aimed at people living further out of London (10-70 miles out), who have no decent options for getting home at that time. We want to see an end to:

• Taking taxis that require a mortgage to pay for
• Having to end your night out early because of the last train
• Growing old as you sit on the longest night bus in the world
• Having to sleep over and sacrifice your weekend for the sake of a night-out
• Worrying about your personal safety and how to get home safely.

Slingshot can give you one thing that no other option can - the certainty of how you'll get home. We think you might be interested...

And if you are, we ask that you vote for us on (or - and help us to make this service a reality.

We're starting out first route in Stanmore, Watford, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Dunstable and Milton Keynes - BUT we will eventually cover towns in EVERY direction out of London, so don't feel left out!

Thanks for reading, and for your vote! :o)

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